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Website Payments

By leveraging our website payments solutions, you can transform your payment process, offering seamless integration, enhanced security, and a superior user experience. Experience the benefits of efficient order fulfilment, automated recurring payments, and robust fraud prevention, all while ensuring compliance and data security. Elevate your website payments and unlock the potential for increased customer trust and satisfaction.

Website Payments Benefits

Effortless Integration

Integrate a pre-built payment page or use our API for a tailored payment system that aligns with your website's aesthetics and functionality.

Enhanced User Experience

Link the customer's online journey with smooth payment pages that offer a unified and straightforward checkout process.

Real-Time 24/7 Payments

Provide round-the-clock payment options to cater to customer needs at all hours, enhancing convenience.

Seamless Order Fulfilments

Implement pre-authorization to manage order processing effectively, ensuring timely fulfilment without immediate fund withdrawal.


Continuous Payment Authority (CPA) - Manage a wide range of regular or recurring payments and subscriptions effortlessly, automating the process and ensuring consistent cash flow.

Robust Fraud Prevention - Safeguard your business and customers with real-time transaction authorization and virtual authentication, combating fraudulent activity and protecting your reputation.

PCI: DSS Level 1 Compliance - Rest assured knowing that our platform is accredited to the highest level of PCI:DSS compliance, ensuring the security of sensitive payment information.

Secure Integrations - Benefit from straightforward, uncomplicated, and secure API integrations, ensuring the safety and privacy of your data.

Versatility and Customization - Choose from a variety of hosted payment pages or fully integrated, customizable API solutions, selecting the options that best meet your specific business needs.

Rich Purchasing Experiences - Provide your customers with a rich and secure purchasing experience, allowing them the freedom to choose their preferred payment methods and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Speedy Payments!

Speedy Payments delivers swift transactions and seamless service, ensuring efficient payment processing for your convenience. Trust us for prompt, reliable solutions, making every transaction a hassle-free experience.

Simple setup guaranteed.

Share your business needs—we handle everything else for you. Just let us know, and we’ll handle the rest seamlessly.

We ensure safety throughout.

Each transaction swiftly processed with cutting-edge anti-fraud measures, ensuring both speed and security.

We do it affordably

Our low transaction fees ensure you receive a consistently good deal. Count on our affordable transaction costs for a advantageous offer.

We've got your back.

A local team of accredited advisors dedicated to easing your workload. We handle the tough work so you can focus on your priorities hassle-free.

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