How to use Portable Card Machines: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

Portable Card Machines

You know the need for a smooth checkout procedure and the part a credit card machine plays in it if you have ever lost a customer because of a cumbersome one. Though you may find the familiar beep of a completed transaction soothing, choosing best portable card machines for your company may be surprisingly difficult. The proper credit card machine may define your customer experience and simplify your operations. It is suitable to use if you manage a busy online business, a small cafe, or a consulting firm. Let’s dive into the discussion on how to use this machine and how to pick the ideal one!

Understanding different types of portable card machines

Understand the different kinds of card machines before delving into the details of using one. Card machines exist in several shapes and sizes and are also referred to as credit card terminals or point-of-sale (POS) terminals! Businesses with a set checkout location will find countertop card machines perfect. These devices are stationary and wired into a power source and the internet or phone. For companies who need mobility, portable card machines are ideal. They run wirelessly within a certain distance from a base station. Mobile card machines are flexible and convenient for enterprises or online activities. They link via Bluetooth or mobile data networks.

How to use portable card machines: A step-by-step guide

Step no 1: Turn on and initialization

Switch or turn your card machine on first. The machine will be initialized when it starts up to ensure all the systems operate as they should and are prepared to handle payments.

Step no 2: Put in a SIM card or join a network

To enable communication with the payment processor, if utilizing a portable or mobile card machine, ensure it is linked to a trustworthy network. Quick and safe transaction processing depends on this stage, particularly in settings with little connectivity.

Step no 3: Choose the kind of payment

Depending on the transaction and preferences, the buyer can choose their preferred payment option. Usually included in this are choices like contactless, magnetic stripe, and chip and PIN. Make sure the customer knows what is offered and, if necessary, help them choose.

Step no 4: Enter the transaction amount

The amount to be charged must be entered after selecting the payment option. To guarantee precision and openness in the payment procedure, input the transaction amount using the card machine’s keypad or touchscreen.

Step no 5: Letting the customers finish the transactions

Give the customer the card payment machine and tell them to finish the transaction by following the on-screen directions. Depending on the selected payment option, the customer may have to swipe their card. And this will happen through the magnetic stripe reader, tap their contactless card or device, or enter their card into the chip reader.

Step no 6: Entering a PIN or verifying remotely

Customers choosing chip and PIN payment will be asked to safely input their PIN on the keypad of the card machine. The consumer must hold their card or device close to the card machine to authorize a contactless transaction.

Step no 7: Handling transactions

The transaction will start when the card machine receives the information entered and verified. This entails safely forwarding the payment information to the appropriate payment processor for clearance and authorization.

Step no 8: Transaction confirmation

Upon successful authorization, the card machine will show a confirmation message confirming that the transaction has been authorization. Confirmation makes the merchant and the customer aware that the payment was handled successfully.

Step no 9: Choices of receipts

Give the consumer a choice of an electronic or printed receipt so they have transaction documentation. Should the client want a printed receipt, make sure you get card machine that has a printer and can create readable and clear receipts.

Step no 10: Successful execution of transactions

Thank the customer for their business and return the card machine to its resting position when the transaction has been processed and verified satisfactorily. Promote your dedication to outstanding customer service by encouraging them to contact you if they have any queries or need further help.

How do you choose the best credit card machine?

You should inspect all important features. Well, keypad, printer, and magnetic stripe reader are common elements of most credit card machines. Choosing one with more functions is important to satisfy your clients’ credit card processing requirements. Among other improved features, some to look for in a machine are cheque processing, an external PIN pad, flash memory, and the capacity to identify and read proprietary cards.

Check the usability. You should go for the credit card machine that is straightforward to use, even if there is nothing wrong with selecting one with advanced capabilities. This depends on ensuring you can handle credit card transactions as quickly as feasible. Think about what your customers need. Choosing a credit card machine requires you to prioritize the needs of your clientele. For example, most of your customers would rather pay with several card kinds. In that case, you should seek a machine that supports several card payment alternatives. Conversely, you should get a credit card machine with the most recent security features. This is necessary if your customers are worried about protecting their personal information when using their cards.

Buy only from reliable manufacturers. This is because several manufacturers produce them, credit card machines are not all made equally. Purchase the equipment from a respectable or well-known manufacturer to be sure it can satisfy your needs and your clients. Any credit card machine you buy from reputable manufacturers like VeriFone can satisfy all your business demands. Well, they have a track record of providing high-quality, adaptable equipment.


Your company can profit a lot from a credit business card machines investment. It’s among the easiest things you can do to revolutionize company. Thus, try to get one now. These detailed instructions will enable you to confidently utilize the machine in your business. This will be giving your clients and you a smooth and practical payment processing experience. Do follow the guidelines we did share with you to take the most benefit out of it.

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