What You Need to Know Before Buying a Machine to Pay by Card System?

machine to pay by card

You might be thinking about purchasing a card payment machine if you run a business. Customer payment can be made easier by this kind of equipment, after all. You should know a few things, though, before you buy machine to pay by card. The several kinds of card payment machines that are available will be covered in this blog post, along with some things you should think about while choosing.

What is card payment machine all about?

It is also known by another name, a point of sale (POS) system. Well, a card payment machine is a kind of electronic equipment. It enables consumers to use a debit or credit card to pay for their purchases. Though they are also available in hotels, restaurants, and other establishments, card payment devices are mostly employed in retail settings.

How does it work?

A merchant account is connected to by the majority of card payment terminals. With this account, companies can take card payments and put the money into their bank account. Clients just need to swipe or insert their card into a card payment machine. Once the money is confirmed to be available, the machine will speak with the customer’s bank to complete the transaction.

What kind of card payment machines are available?

Card payment machines are mostly of two types: countertop and portable.

Countertop machines

The purpose of countertop card payment machines is to be utilized in a permanent place, such a restaurant or retail store. Usually, these devices remain stationary and are wired into an electrical outlet.

Portable card payment machines

Conversely, portable card payment terminals are always with you. Many times, they run on batteries and are wirelessly operated. For companies that travel about a lot, like food trucks or pop-up stores, this makes them perfect.

How should you choose a card payment machine?

A few things to think about while purchasing a card payment machine are:

Type of business you are running

As was already indicated, portable machines are more practical for companies that move around a lot. But countertop machines work better for companies that have a set location. Well, the portable machines can be operated without an outlet. But the countertop machines are usually more expensive and need a dedicated power source.

What card type you are taking?

No two card payment machines are made equally. Certain card types—like debit and credit cards—can only be processed by some machines. Select a machine that can handle the card kinds you take.

Needed features

There are numerous characteristics accessible when browsing for a card payment machine. Some machines are as basic as letting users swipe or input their card. But others are more sophisticated and let users print receipts or add tips. Consider what characteristics your company needs and select a machine with the appropriate combination of features.

Payables you take in

Well, some card payment machines can only handle credit card transactions. But others can also handle debit card, Apple Pay, and Google Pay ones. Are you trying to find a credit card processing only machine? Is a machine with several payment types acceptance what you want? Select a device that can handle the currencies you take.


Before you begin shopping, make a budget because card payment devices can range greatly in price. Though they often cost more than portable machines, countertop machines come with more capabilities. Recall that a merchant account will cost money as well. Before deciding, spend some time comparing the prices of several card payment machines and merchant accounts.

What are benefits of using card payment machines?

Among the several advantages of using a card payment machine are:

Raised sales

Because card payment machines facilitate client payment for your goods and services, they can help you boost sales. Consumers running out of funds to complete a transaction won’t be a concern for you any longer.

Better client service

Card payment terminals can speed up transactions and hence enhance customer service. The ability to swiftly swipe or insert their card and head out will be much appreciated by customers.


Because they do away with the need to handle checks and cash payments, card payment machines can save you money. You’ll save money on credit card processing costs as well if you take credit cards. For your company, this can all result in substantial savings. Not to mention, by handling fewer transactions, card payment terminals can save you time.

High level of security

Well, security is provided by card payment devices than by other conventional ways of processing payments, including using a cash register. This is thus to stop fraud; credit card information is encrypted by card payment machines. Moreover, card payment devices can assist you in inventory and sales tracking.

Steps for using card payment machines

Select the best equipment for your company. Verify if the machine can handle the card kinds you take. Pick an equipment with the features you require. Plan a budget for your card payment device. Before buying, weigh the prices of several equipment. Use the machine according the directions. Give your staff machine usage instruction. Keep the working and cleanliness of your card payment machine. Continually check your transactions and sales. As soon as your card payment machine malfunctions, let your merchant account provider know.

You can select and operate the ideal card payment machine for your company if you adhere to these advices. In addition to saving money, doing this will boost sales. Customer payment convenience provided by card payment terminals can increase sales for your company. Because they handle fewer transactions, card payment terminals can also save you money and time.


Think on the features you require and the kinds of payments you take when selecting a credit card processing machine. Before buying a machine, you should also establish a budget and contrast the prices of other models. Lastly, remember to routinely check and teach your staff members on how to operate the equipment. You may make sure you maximize the potential of your card payment machine by using these advices.

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